Acid Zap Testimonials

"I'm a Believer..."

"I love my morning coffee, but for the last few years I have developed severe indigestion and heartburn after my morning pick me up.  My co-worker recommended Acid Zap and now my morning cup is pain free. I am a believer and a monthly subscriber now!" Debbie Marks from Charleston, SC

IC Sufferer

"I suffer from a disease called Interstitial Cystitis. It is painful when there is to much acidity in my diet. Acid Zap helps me to control and reduce the acidity to allow me some normalcy back in my life and enjoy a few guilty pleasures like a diet cola." Anonymous User 

Chef Approved

"I am an Executive Chef for a major medical network in NE Ohio. Acid Zap works amazing with my meal preparation. I can create healthy meals for our patients and not have to effect the taste for their dietary restrictions and Alkalized diets." Chef Greg from Cleveland, OH.

Beer Guy

"I am an avid lover of great craft beer, especially around the holiday season. Unfortunately, I suffer from horrible heartburn and acid re-flux from drinking it. After being introduced to Acid Zap, I put a couple drops in every beer I drink. Now at night, I do not have the acidic ailments anymore.Thank you to the guy who invented Acid Zap. Cheers!" Mike Bartles from Jacksonville, FL

Wife Approved

I love to cook for my husband. He loves my 5 time award winning chili cook of recipe. However he has developed severe indigestion from it the past few years. I found Acid Zap while cruising the web looking for natural remedies about a year ago. I now add a tablespoon to every pot I make, and his indigestion is gone. He is so thrilled to be able to enjoy what wifey does best!"

Patty Heinz from Chicago, IL


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